PAP candidates and msm - please grow up

There is a mantra on the lips of almost all People's Action Party (PAP) candidates being fielded in the coming General Election; "We welcome competition".

But does it matter whether you welcome competition or not? You make it sound as if you are being so magnanimous in allowing the opposition to challenge you.

The General Election IS a contest.  Which means that you WILL be challenged.  So, now would you please stop sounding like you are doing the opposition one big favour?

And the mainstream media, what is the news-worthiness in the PAP candidates saying that they welcome competition, that you have to give so much prominence to it?

Would the PAP candidates and the mainstream media please grow up?


anvil_den said…
All that needs to be said is said succintly in this short blog about the "creating the illusion of magnamity". Wake up. Prepare for the challenge... its not going to be walk in the park this time!

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