YPAP call for fairer fares and past precedence

If past precedence is an indicator, this would be the response from the public transport operators to YPAP's call for 'fairer fares':
"...but both SBS Transit and SMRT said they are exploring the possibility of concessionary travel for the disabled. SMRT said that any concessionary travel is effectively cross-subsidised by full-fare paying commuters. Hence, there is a need to exercise prudence in granting travel concessions."
Source: Renewed calls for public transport subsidies for the disabled

(For the record, the public transport operators have been "considering" for about 2 years if people with disabilities should have concessionary travel.)

If the matter for fairer fares for polytechnic students goes to the Public Transport Council, the Council would say:
"The Council supports targeted help being rendered (to the polytechnic student) group. Currently, there are agencies which serve to provide various forms of transport help for the (polytechnic students). Examples include...Assorted constituency-based financial help targeted at the needy (polytechnic students)...If public transport operators choose to offer additional concession schemes to more groups of beneficiaries (such as the polytechnic students group), the PTC would welcome it."
Source: PTC responds to our petition

If the same matter goes before the Transport Minister, he would say:
“I’d be very slow in stipulating (to operators) how best to run the concession policy.”
Source: Raymond Lim once proposed a way for “completely free” public transport

At the Parliamentary sitting of 22 November 2011, Transport Minister Lui Tucjk Yew in response to MP Baey Yam Keng said that the purview of public transport prices mainly resided with the Public Transport Operators (PTO), and not with the Government.

Unhappy with the PTO's non-response to the disparity, Young PAP took to Speakers' Corner this morning to campaign for fairer fares, which was supported by about 40 participants.

Writing about their campaign for 'fairer fares' on their Facebook YPAP says:
"But will the PTOs’ respond? Can more be done if they do not respond or respond negatively? Whatever the outcome, the YP etched a milestone in supporting citizen activism today and will continue to do more."