CAN! appreciate Sylvia Lim

Members of CAN! where at the Workers' Party rally last night to show their appreciation to Sylvia Lim for for raising the issue of parity in public transportation for the people with disability in Parliament. Shamsiah who is intellectually disabled garlanded Ms Sylvia Lim, while Rahamatullah who is blind, garlanded Mr Low Thia Khiang.

CAN! asked me to be their spokesperson and they said that they are thankful to Sylvia Lim for speaking up for the people who are disabled twice in Parliament.  The second time, she called on the government to better integrate people with disability with society.

CAN! hopes that the Minister for Transport will not be "very slow in stipulating (to operators) how best to run the concession policy", in the new Parliament. And that the new government will do their part in helping the people with disability get the dignity they deserve.