TR and SDP's allegations about Singapore Police Force

Both the Temasek Review (TR) and the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP), have said that the Singapore Police Force has given confidential information from a closed investigation to a journalist from a newspaper (TR's article is HERE and SDP's article is HERE). These are serious allegations, which if true will undermine the confidence the general public have on the good image of the Singapore Police Force.

I have written to the Commissioner of the Singapore Police Force (SPF) with a copy to the Home Minister, to ask if these allegations are true. In the email I asked if true what courses of actions are being taken by SPF to prevent such incidents from happening again. And if untrue what course of action SPF will take to refute these allegations.

In fact TR itself has supported the call for "the authorities concerned to conduct a fair and transparent investigation into the alleged leak of classified information by the police" so that the public confidence in the Singapore Police Force will not be eroded.

I will update my blog when (or if) I get a reply.