Where are the MPs?

I was walking around my neighborhood this evening and saw the pavement littered with broken branches and sidewalks awash with mud  because of the flash floods this morning.  What crossed my mind immediately on seeing the debris was, "where is the MP?"

We had many flash floods in the past few days.  The media, even the online ones, were quick to point their fingers at the Minister of Environment and Water Resources and also the PUB.  But what about the MPs of the various affected constituencies? I did not see the MP for my constituency, Seng Han Thong do a walkabout around after the flash flood in his constituency, to access the damage caused by the natural disaster and to re-assure the affected residents.

We don't need bureaucratic MPs, who sit behind their desks oblivious to the troubles faced by their constituents.  Or MPs who come to meet their constituents once a week for 2 - 3 hours, to write petitions for them.  Or even MPs who send their grassroots leaders and civil servants to fix a problem when it arises.  We need an MP, who will walk his grounds. An MP of the people for the people.

Nobody can control nature.  Yeah sure, 'once in fifty years freak floods' do happen.  But that does not mean that MPs must only come out once in a few years, just before the elections.

And what about the opposition candidates? The recent problems caused by the freak weather, was a perfect opportunity for the opposition candidates to do what the MPs of the various constituencies failed to do in the constituencies that they intend to contest. But I think they too overlooked the obvious.

The people must demand the MPs of their constituencies to stop bureaucratic and be more engaged with the welfare of their constituencies.  And they must only vote for candidates who show genuine concern for their constituency.


Alan Wan said…
Wait, wait.

Our MPs will only start to appear at our wet markets once every 4 years.

See our Georgie Yeo appeared out of nowhere at the Aljuenied wet market.

More to follow.