Disabled or not, we are Singaporeans

Former spokeperson of Challengeds’ Alliance Network (CAN), Ravi Philemon, expressed his disappointment at the lack of progress in the public campaign for public transport subsidy for the disabled. Despite the effort of some MPs sending letters to the relevant agencies, nothing has been achieved, he said.

The first public call for subsidised public transport for the disabled dates back as long as 10 years. In 2000, public transport operator SMRT responded by emphasising the need to be “prudent about extending any travel concessions beyond the present eligible groups” because “concession fares are cross-subsidised by full-fare paying passengers with no direct subsidy”.

“This is unfair,” said Mr Philemon. Many disabled Singaporeans earn very meagre salaries. While they spend as much as S$5 per day, their monthly individual income can be as low as S$100. Up to 75% of their salaries is spent on public transport.

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