Does God Exist?

This video which has been circulating at least since 2004 and claims that Albert Einstein humiliated his atheist professor by using the "Evil is the absence of God" argument on him is malicious, because it is untrue.

Arguably well edited, this video was probably created to lobby the re-introduction of prayer into the American public schools.

Although the fact remains that Einstein was born Jewish but stopped believing in God when he was 12, most people would probably have believed that Einstein did have the conversation with the professor because the video is so professionally made.

People should check for the authenticity of all information, no matter how professionally made they look, for substantiation and accuracy.

This video which purports to serve God has actually done Him great dis-service by presenting an untrue incident as truth.


Emily Winter said…
It's a great video delving into the problem of evil, even if it may not have been Einstein who argued those things.
Unknown said…
We have an interesting debate about this topic going at the following link:

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