Pre-School Education is not Compulsory?


ravi4u2 said…
When I called the kindergarten supervisor to enquire why they could not waive the school fees for such needy families, the supervisor said, "we are not a charity you know?", before referring me to the PCF Kindergarten administrator for the zone, who in the midst of her conversation said, "let me tell you a secret. (whispers) Pre-school education is not compulsory in Singapore!"
Daniel Ling said…
Mr Ravi, good job. Additionally, the Administrator seem to have said it "Pre-school education is not compulsory in Singapore!"" with punt intended on the assumption that you didn't know.

But sincerely, it's true right? That Pre-school education is not compulsory. But i do recall learning basic ABC and maths in my Pre sch, thus it will help the child during Primary education.
Ghost said…
I'm sorry Mr.Ravi but I have to disagree with you on this. The supervisor is correct; they are not a charity. If you cannot pay for it, you don't go to school. That's the way it's always has been. Maybe the government can/should have a program for these people with such money problems, but I don't think you can blame the kidergarden for their student's money problems.
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