PAP MP Advocates Minimum Wage

The Online Citizen reports today that Member of Parliament, Mr Inderjit Singh speaking in his personal capacity at the Institute of Policy Studies’ (IPS) Singapore Perspectives 2009 seminar, said that cheap foreign labor had depressed wages, and this hurt low income Singaporeans the most.

“As we brought in more and more people, many from India and China, not just at the top level of talent, but also at various levels including unskilled workers, we depressed wages of Singaporeans”, he said.

Noting that the problem of low wages was exacerbated by a high cost society, he added:
“Our costs continued to go up. So we caused a double whammy for Singaporeans who had no choice but to live with the high cost of living while having to accept lower wages”. One way of solving this problem, he said, could be a minimum wage policy.

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