PAP will form the next Government, Vote Opposition without fear

There is an article on TOC titled 'PAP in panic mode, loss of power inevitable'. The title is only half correct.

Yes, it is true that PAP is in panic mode. If it is not, why should it convene the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee just two months after Mr Lee Kuan Yew passed away?

Surely it shows that they want to ride on the depth of emotion shown by Singaporeans following the death of Mr Lee Kuan Yew. But it also shows that they are afraid that the longer they delay, the more fiascoes there are going to be, and that the sentiment of the voters are going to be turned against them because of these.

Some say that GE 2011 was a watershed election. But what were the major fiascoes before that GE? Well, I can remember Mat Selamat's escape from detention, the escalating property prices, influx of foreigners... These were the issues.

The mess of the last election looks trivial when you compare it with what has happened since then:

There was the SMRT drivers protest, there was the Little India riot, there was the AIM saga, there was the 6.9 million population paper, there were 2 major MRT breakdowns in 2011 and 1 really, really big one this month...

These makes me shudder! Why are we having a snap election? What about the future is the PAP so afraid of? What's going to be the magnitude of such failures?

That said, I do not think that the PAP will lose power in this election. A more realistic expectation is for the opposition to win just 15 seats in the next election.

So, the PAP is not going to lose power any time soon. Although I will be happy to be proven wrong, I predict that they will return to form the next Government.

Why is it important to know that? So that you can cast your vote for the opposition without fearing if there will be a change of Government.

In fact, with the massive outpouring of grief after Mr Lee's death, and the euphoria over the Jubilee Year celebrations, there are chances that some people who voted for the opposition in the last election may vote for the PAP this time round.

But is it to our advantage for the PAP to have a larger percentage of votes than what they had in the last GE? Perhaps not!

Even if there may not be a reversal of some of the more populist policies they had implemented as a result of how we voted in the last election, they may increase the pace of foreigners who come here to live and work; and without exploring other options to pay for social spending, they may just increase the GST to 10%.

There is one way you can prevent this from happening. Vote for the opposition!

Vote for them without fear because there's not going to be a change of Government any time soon. And also because voting for the opposition will mean that you will keep the Government on its toes to serve you diligently for the next 5 years.