Singapore spirit encapsulated

The spirit of Singapore is encapsulated in the lives of ordinary Singaporeans. This National Day, I remembered:

Heng Yeow Peow who died saving the lives of 8 of his co-workers in the Nicoll Highway collapse;

The unidentified man who broke the MRT glass when some people developed breathing difficulties when the train broke down in 2011,

Jason Chee, the Navy serviceman who's fighting spirit has been most admirable,

Samsuri Mahadi, a man who despite his own disadvantage and struggles continues to inspire the youths at Jalan Kukoh.

Judy Zhou, who distributes hot food to the elderly who are less fortunate.

Abner Koh, who stopped driving, got off his car and helped an older women with a walking stick struggling to cross the road, to do so.

Pravin Saivi whose passion for music compelled him to venture beyond his comfort zone into the international scene.

Inch Chua who left Singapore disappointed, but now flies the Singapore flag internationally.

Leslie Chew, who is not only a cartoonist, but a concerned citizen who coordinated with Singaporeans abroad to bring stockpile of N95 masks to Singapore during the haze crisis, among other selfless acts.