Utter disgust of TR's article

I am utterly disgusted by Temasek Review Emeritus' latest article "TOC (The Online Conning) Continues". Of course, there is this serious allegation of mismanagement of funds at TOC (which the core team at TOC will reply to soon), but they have also attacked a person I call my friend - Andrew Loh.

Andrew Loh is one of the most selfless person that I know. The article to suggest that Andrew "couldn't let go of the money", that "he milked TOC as far as he can", and that he absconded with the money, is to say the least, absolutely repulsive!

Andrew used up a lot of his own money to keep TOC going for more than 3 years.  I mean thousands of dollars out of his own pocket. I can personally witness to this.

Why Andrew left TOC, is anybody's guess. Yeah, we may have had our differences, but why would anyone assume that we did not?  The people who are affiliated with TOC are after all very opinionated people, who feel very much about this tiny nation we call Singapore, and sometimes, there will be spillovers because of these marked differences in opinion.

But at no point in time where the differences even remotely about money.

Since 2006, Andrew has contributed so much to Singapore. For some faceless guys to now come and make all these kinds of baseless accusations against him, is absolutely disgusting!  And for TRE to publish the article (even with a disclaimer), without trying to verify if there is any truth to it, is even more!

I am not afraid to call this article for what it is - one big farce!

I hope others will be brave enough to voice out their utter disgust to TRE for continuing to publish articles such as this.


Anonymous said…
Dear Sir,

I used to be an avid reader of TR. That is, until they become so hateful and negative. Now, I take anything they say with a pinch of salt. Sadly, there are TR readers who believe in anything TR says.

TR recently also accused TOC of veiled threats in the unfortunate Black Sunday article.

As a former TR reader, I can only say I am disappointed at them and I hope that TOC won't ever go the same way.
Anonymous said…
Dear Ravi,

Have you anything to say about the initial FB note TOC wrote which cast aspersions on TR's fundraising? Maybe that was how the bickering started?

Btw, who wrote that note? Was it you?
Ravi said…
What note? There was no note written. TOC merely linked their own fund-raising note.
Anonymous said…

I'm referring to this note.
Ravi said…
Sorry fbd, yes it was a fb note and thanks for the link. It was a while ago. But what I had meant was it was their own appeal and the comment was on their appeal as well. The link to their appeal was very factual and not mud-slinging, very unlike what they have done. And that to, to a real person, Andrew Loh.