Rat infestation and cleanliness/maintenance problems in Ang Mo Kio

I sent the following email to Mr Seng Han Tong, the MP re-elected from the constituency of Ang Mo Kio.


Mr Seng Han Tong
MP for Ang Mo Kio GRC

Dear Mr Seng

Congratulations on being re-elected at the last General Election.

I am writing to you as you are the Member of Parliament for my constituency and so, to highlight to you the problem of maintenance and cleanliness again in my neighbour. I have written to you in past about similar problems. Although the problems highlighted were rectified by the town council, you did not acknowledge my communication with you. Being a resident in your constituency, I would have appreciated a personal acknowledgement, even if it is a simple one saying that your town council members are looking into the problems highlighted.

The problems I have highlighted in the past, have come back again.

The rat infestation has grown worse and the recent heavy downpour has flushed out the rats from their burrows and their menace is unbearable. They are huge and are not even afraid of humans.

The coffee-shop below my block, has again left the cover to the rubbish-bin opened. The uncovered rubbish bin has become a feeding ground for rats, crows and mynah.

The lift as well as the lift lobby in my block is not cleaned every day. Sometimes, the debris and the lift stinks for a few days before it gets cleaned out.

The block next to mine has lots of cardboard boxes stacked against a tree. Besides being unsightly, it is also a fire hazard (please see attached picture)
In the morning when I leave to work, one of the elderly cleaners greets me and on two occasions have asked me for a dollar to have something to eat at the coffee-shop. He is a Singaporean but I presume does not earn enough. I have obliged him on the couple of occasions he had asked me.

I think it is very important that the town council takes care of the welfare of its workers, even the cleaners. A worker who is hungry will of course be unable to do a proper job in keeping the estate clean and well maintained.

Please do look into these pressing problems that I have highlighted to you in my estate. I would appreciate if you would acknowledge this email.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely,

Ravi Philemon