Jeannette for Mountbatten

Although I am not a member of National Solidarity Party (I am not a member of any Party for that matter), I am supporting Jeannette Chong-Aruldoss' bid for Mountbatten single member constituency. I decided to support her because she is my friend and she stands for many of the things that I believe in, like a sense of fairness, rights and equal opportunities for all Singaporeans.

She is not only an established career-women, but is also a very committed family-women, who has raised four fine children.  In-between raising her family and running a successful legal practice, Jeannette has found time to give back to society.  She serves in the management council of a residential estate, has served in a church's management council and also provides pro-bono legal advice.

Being a committed family-man who is also socially active, I know how much more difficult it must be for a women to juggle both family and career; and yet find time to volunteer in other worthy-causes. And because Jeannette has done just that and done it well, I am sure that she will do good for Singapore, if she is elected.

These are the reasons why I support Jeannette's bid for Mountbatten SMC.