Did the Prime Minister answer my questions? Nah!

Ok, Channel NewsAsia (CNA) asks Singaporeans to send in questions to the Prime Minister (PM) saying that he will answer them during CNA's 1-hour programme.  Being a concerned Singaporean, I sent in my questions.  Did the Prime Minister answer my questions during the programme? Nah!

Well, I did not even get an acknowledgement from CNA, for sending in my questions.  I am not asking for a 'thank you', you know?  Which makes me wonder, did the PM get to see the questions Singaporeans sent in to him or did the 'higher-ups' in CNA self-censor for the PM, thinking these are the questions the PM should not see.  This is not improbable seeing how Melissa Hyak plotted the trajectory of answer for the Prime Minister in the programme.

Or, did the PM see my questions, but decided not to answer them.  Or perhaps he had valid reasons for not answering them because questions such as mine, should not be debated openly for national whatever reason?

And did I mention the suck-up back-up the PM had in the union leader for answering the questions in that programme. And was the PM raising his voice just a notch higher when he felt uncomfortable with certain questions?

But I think overall, I will give a 5/5 for this programme, 'Question time with the Prime Minister', for having the Prime Minister speak without saying much.  For reinforcing the notion that in Singapore, "You either catch-up or you die".