Tony Tan - A servant-leader

Another person I want to write about in this series is my friend Tony Tan.  I honestly have forgotten where I first met Tony, but I suspect it must have been in one of Reform Party's rallies at the Speakers' Corner. But we soon became friends and I have admired him not only for his keen mind but also for the heart of compassion which accompanies the keen mind.

He has walked with me on the beaches of Singapore distributing essential supplies for survival to the homeless.  He listened with empathy to the plight of the less fortunate on these instances.  He thought through what was the best way to assist them with the rest of us.  He was even willing to take a step back when we requested him to do so for certain reasons. I think to defer to the wish of the leadership (or the majority) despite the fact that he would probably have a better solution is perhaps the greatest strength of Tony.

Tony is also a very hospitable person who never forgets his friends.  I have also visited Tony in his home and got to see first hand what a wonderful father he is to his sons.  Tony is the type of servant-leader Singapore needs to bring her forward into the future.