I don't want Dr Chee to go to prison because...

I have decided to contribute $100 to "Stop Dr Chee from going to prison this election". I have decided to contribute this amount because the Party feels that they cannot go into the General Election (which is impending) without Dr Chee.

Although I disagree with Dr Chee's views that "democratic change is not going to come just from taking part in elections", I decided to contribute to this campaign to keep Dr Chee from going to prison because his Party seem to indicate that they take a somewhat different view from Dr Chee - that he is needed so that the Party can do well in the coming election.

Cherian George says that the voters rejected Singapore Democratic Party at the last General Election in 2006 by giving it only 2.2 per cent to the People's Action Party's (PAP) vote share. The PAP too has often alleged that Singaporeans have “repeatedly rejected Dr Chee, his politics and his party”. The absence of Dr Chee should not be another obstacle for SDP not to do better in the coming General Election.  And it is for this purpose that I am contributing to the fund.

If you too would like to help keep Dr Chee out of prison during this election time, click HERE to contribute.


DK said…
If SDP feels that they cannot go into the General Election without Dr Chee, then I think SDP should not contest in the coming election. Are they trying to tell Singapore that SDP can only function as a political party with Dr Chee?

So what if SDP took over the government and Dr Chee fell sick one day? Will Singapore stop functioning for that day because Dr Chee is not around? I think I will seriously put this into consideration this before voting.

As for his his conviction for speaking in public without a permit, he knew its against the law. He did not respect the law and decided to go against the law despite warning. Therefore I think he should be punished according to the law.

Which brings me to my last point. How do you expect me to vote someone into parliament to make law when that person does not even respect the law at all?