Human rights: Slow, difficult steps to acceptance

----- An excerpt from the Moon Observer -----
While organisations face constraints when it comes to funding restrictions, social activists in their individual capacity are unaffected by the classification of human rights organisations.
One of them is Mr Ravi Philemon, who works with like-minded people in a collective effort to speak out for the disadvantaged in society.
“We come together when our interests collide,” he said. “This is issue-based and not a collective effort because of friendship.”
On December 12 last year, Mr Philemon helped organise a gathering of 30 Singaporeans at Speaker’s Corner, urging the government and Singaporean society to do more for the disabled.
His efforts attracted the attention of mainstream media and led to a debate over the disabled in parliament.
Nonetheless, an individual’s capability is limited in terms of resources, Mr Philemon said. That is why individuals like him need a vehicle like Maruah to expand their reach.
A registered society would also have a stronger position to converse with the government, he said.
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