How do they survive?

For basic survival for a family of 4 in Singapore, the family would need:

Food - $780 ($24 X 30 days, calculated at $6/person for lunch and dinner + $2 for bread as daily breakfast)
Transport - $300
Utilities - $100
Telephone/Internet: $65
Service & conservancy charges: $40 (approximate for a 3 room flat)
Property tax: $20
Television license: $10
Medical 10 (polyclinic)

Total: $1325/mth

This calculation does not include costs for tuition (if the children need any), costs for entertainment (the occasional McDonald's or movie), insurances or emergencies.

According to this article ( 30% of Singaporeans earn less than $1200 per month. With deductions for CPF the take-home salary for these people will be less than $960 (not included are deductions for CDAC, MENDAKI or SINDA).  Which means that even if two persons in such households of four members are employed, they merely live from hand to mouth.

According to Key Household Income Trends, 2009, those living in 1 and 2 room flats had a median income of only $1091.  I wonder how these families survive month to month?


Anonymous said…
Umm... How come SCC is included but the family does not need to pay rental or HDB installments? For a family that earns $1200 a month, chances are the house is either rented, or they are still paying out of their noses of monthly installments. That alone can is hundreds of dollars more.
Ravi said…
Hi Logan, I was assuming that the family is paying for their house through their CPF. But you are right as well.