Jacob and Sally

The article on TOC "Do you want me to stay at the beach?", was in is my response to people who commented on the Al-Jazeera report on the homeless in Singapore, saying things like "Leeches of society ain't worth feeding"?; and also to people like Shekhar Sinha who is the former Superintendent of Angsana Home who said stuff like "Drug addiction, Gambling addicton, Alcohol addiction, Sex addiction, Family abuse, Truant behaviour, Joblessness, Lazy bummers, Low self-esteem, Unmotivated etc etc", are the reasons for people to become homeless.

There are many reasons why people become homeless and government policies also force some hard-working people like Jacob and his family to be homeless.  They are neither drug, nor gambling, nor alcohol, nor sex addicts. Neither do they display family abuse nor truant behaviour.  They are neither jobless, nor lazy bummers, nor unmotivated.  Low esteem? Maybe...but only because he cannot secure a proper permanent housing solution for his family because of certain government housing policies, despite him being a government servant himself.