Recreational campers with permanent housing address

"I have a permanent housing address in Singapore. This application is for the purpose of recreational camping."

How much more ridiculous can NParks get?  

Yeah! So, almost everyone in Singapore has a 'permanent housing address', but just because you have a permanent housing address, it doesn't meant that you have a home.  

In March 2009, National Parks Board (NParks) director Kong Yit San said issuing permits manually by the rangers, has “become increasingly challenging with the growing popularity of camping”, in re-introducing the registration system where permits issued to campers will be valid for a day and each camper can apply for a maximum of eight days per month.  

Which means that if I have 4 people with identification cards in my family (group) and have a 'permanent housing address' in Singapore, I can 'recreationally camp' in the beaches and parks in Singapore for 32 days - and the cycle can continue.  

Why don't the NParks just come-out and admit that the real reason they re-introduced the registration system, is because they could not cope with the menace of the recreational campers, who are homeless despite have a permanent housing address?


Unknown said…
ehh no, rotation booking is illegal. I checked with them, each tent can only be used for one permit.

You cannot apply for another permit using the same tent!
Ravi said…
Tents don't have registration numbers lah...
Unknown said…
haha but the npark officials will recognise the same tents mah. they visit really often.