CAN! open petition for transport subsidy


Unknown said…
I've said it many times: no matter which way you look at this matter, there is no reason why the less-physically-abled among us should have to pay for public transport at all.
If you take the preferred governmental approach of regarding each human being as an economic unit, it makes perfect sense for these resources to be utilised fully - and that means allowing them to travel to work without hindrance or disadvantage.
From the humanitarian perspective, we should be encouraging full and complete integration into society at all levels of this group of people who are often economically handicapped as well.
And finally, if we are to even begin to regard ourselves as a developed society, we should be offering support to those among us who need it, whatever their need is. That surely is the hallmark of a developed society mindset.
I find it an absolute embarrassment that we only had wheelchair access to the MRT and buses recently. Why do we have to wait for 'access' to be granted economically now too?