In Unity for her Liberty

Around 400 people gathered at Hong Lim Park on Sunday for a vigil in support of Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyu. Ms Suu Kyi is currently undergoing a trial, behind closed doors, in Burma for breaching the rules of her house arrest by allowing an American, John Yettaw, to stay at her residence.

Mr Ravi Philemon, a social activist, urged ASEAN to do more than simply releasing statements condemning the re-arrest of Ms Suu Kyi. Calling the charges ridiculous, he made the analogy of a prison guard seeing a stranger in a prisoner’s cell and then blaming the prisoner for it when in fact, it is the guard who should be held responsible. He found it strange that no charges have been filed against the policemen guarding Ms Suu Kyi for the obvious security lapse.

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