Making a Commitment (2009)

As part of the U60 celebrations of the recent 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, MARUAH (Singapore Working Group on ASEAN HRM) held an event to emphasize the importance of Articles 23-25 of the UDHR, which deals with fair and just conditions for workers.

This event, Making A Commitment, was held on 13 December 2008 at Speakers’ Corner. Organized by MARUAH with support from partners such as Action for Aids, AWARE, Transient Workers Count Too, HOME and individuals, a number of speakers spoke up on the need for protection for vulnerable communities such as contract workers, the elderly, those with disabilities, migrant workers, persons living with HIV and people who are homosexuals or transgender.

Members of the public were invited to make pledge – a commitment – to affirm their stand which many did by holding up placards with a chosen slogan promoting a workplace issue. These were captured on video by volunteers, Mr Patrick Chng and Ms Stephanie Chok, as a New Year resolution for 2009 to treat all workers with dignity.

Making A Commitment 2009 (Singapore) from Patrick Chng on Vimeo.